Written by on June 13, 2018

The all new 2018 HOT FM is already a success well beyond the expectations of its upcoming re-launch into the year 2018.

With the station rejoining the FM band on 94.3 FM just weeks ago its smashing through the history books again breaking even more records.

Whats new?

The most noticable change being the carefully selected new talent of DJs and Presenters, modernising and keeping the radio station at the top of its game.

Management upon re-launching this amazing famous yet original station bringing back the best of the old crew along with that needed mix of new talent taking the station into the summer and 2019+.

Well as you can see by the feedback on our new official facebook page with its more than 20,000 LIKES in just over 3 weeks says it all.  FACEBOOK CLICK HERE

“Loyal loving fans sending in video clips recorded from mobile phones showing thier devoted love for the station, Its Just magical”.  Frank Kennedy

Thank you to you all for the Love and passion you have for our amazing radio station HOT FM and with the help from our sponsors we will push forward and give you exactly what you want.  The best..

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